Kartik Swami temple Shri AchAleshwer Dham, Batala

Kartik Swami temple Shri Achaleshwer Dham, Batala is one of the leading Kartik Swami temples in the country. Daily thousands of devotees throng the temple and get solace from the worship of Kartik Swami. It is a ‘manokamana’ mandir where devotees’ every wish is fulfilled and this is the reason for ever-increasing number of devotees in the temple.
The entrance of the temple is situated further north. At the entrance there is the facility for shoe keeping and inside the premises, towards right is the facility of fresh water for cleaning purposes and ablutions.
The temple, in fact, is not an insolated temple but a temple complex, having all the necessary facilities for the visitors and worshippers. Upon entering the premises, towards left, the row of stairs, on a raised platform, lead to the main area called Hall, which is the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord Kartik Swami. Around this there is the passage which houses Lord Shiva. The passage has a ritual significance for the lay worshippers, apart from the stairs which lead to the first floor, giving another round of holy delight.
Another specialty of the temple is the prasadam, offered to the presiding deities thereon. The prasadam offered is “Naivedyam” which is prepared by the experts.
The entire reconstruction of the temple was carried out on war footing without asking for any subscription. Donations came voluntarily because people had faith in the persons associated with the ‘Kaya-Kalpa’ of the temple.
Thousands of devotees participated in the kar-sewa conducted during the reconstruction of the temple.
The temple has got 105 of mandirs, standing side by side in the sanctum sanctorum.
It is one temple where the devotees, no payment of a certain fee, get all ingredients for completions the rituals and they have not to pay even ‘dakshina’ to the priests. It is paid by the temple management.
The temple has got the 'pandits' (Sanskrit scholars) of the highest caliber and Bairagi sadhus of the Ramanand sect as well dalit priest, who all perform with highest harmony.
The temple has now turned into a ‘teerth’ because of Kartik Swami’s blessings and excellent management of the temple trust.

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